Monday, June 19, 2006

The project that will not die

Just to let you know now, there are no pics. If you aren't one for reading, thanks for stopping by. More pics later this week.

Movin on...

It seems I'm on the project deadline that will not die. Well actually we are going through a certification process for the next 2 weeks and things change daily. And it's all frantic and urgent. I'm hangin in there though.

I don't have pics because I haven't done much. I'm working on one of the Sweet Tee's I promised a friend. I hope to have that done soon. I also worked on some submission for a new SnB book (Thanks to everyone that forwarded me the email.) I'm not really happy about them but I submitted them anyway. I didn't have the time to work on them like I wanted so I had to cram all of it in today. Did you notice the time on this post? Yeah, and I have to be at work bright and early too. Am I starting to sound all whiney and what not? Okay. I guess I'll stop.

I did get a chance to hang out with some friends this weekend which was much needed for my mental stability. I also watched a boxing match and a NBA game. Hot sweaty men. Yeah! Oh, and I made a trip to JoAnn's on Saturday (there was a sale) where I ran into Nik.

Now I just have to make it to Wednesday. B-day! I'm taking the day off, going for a "Me Day" in Charlotte, and coming back to hang out with some friends at the tequila bar. Shopping and liquor. A girl's best friends.

Later y'all!