Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cause there's just too many.....

Okay, try as I did to hold my tongue, I can no longer do it. I must make this statement....

Enough with the sock yarn!

Okay, I said it. It's not that I don't like sock yarn but I haven't had the itch to make a pair of socks since March. It's just too darn hot. Then add the fact there is just too much of the stuff floating around. I love the colors, I do, but I can't make that many socks and definitely not at $22-24 a pair. I even tried to imagine making a sweater with fingering weight yarn. The thought of another sweater on size 1 or 2's made my head explode.

You want to know what I would really like? For all those people that dye beautifully colored sock yarn to expand to other weights like dk or worsted. Now that would make me happy. I could support all the independent dyers and still get yarn I can use.

Stitches East

Now that I've registered I can mention what class I signed up for. I signed up for "Desiging Knitwear on the Computer" and "Reversible Cables" (w/Lily Chin) as my second choice. I really wanted the Lily Chin class but decided that the designing class was more important. This is a big deal for me because I've never paid for a lesson and only hope that this class is worth my money otherwise you will see a mean-faced Saun walking around the Baltimore Convention Center on Nov. 4. I haven't signed up for any banquets because I want to see who else is going first. At $65 a pop, I want to make sure someone I know will be there.


Here is the back piece done. I'm working on the front now. I hope to have this done by next week. I'm going to try and focus only on this for awhile. Hopefully I can keep my ADCD in check.

Pattern Errata

There is new pattern errata for the Jems patterns. It's over in the sidebar ----->.