Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Classic clothing

One of the best things my mother taught me about fashion is the concept of "classic clothing". There are pieces that you will always need in your wardrobe. These are the things you invest in.

Not that I have one but take for instance, a St.John suit. They can run upwards of $1500 but you know what?.... you can wear that suit from your 20s to your 70s if you wanted to.

Then there is the "fad clothing". The things you like but won't be wearing next season.

For example. a Coach purse. There is the classic and the trendy.

Classic will always be around ( I have quite a few of them). Trendy may not be in style next season

She told me that trendy is fun but don't invest tons of money into something you won't be wearing next year (That bag is about $498 US)

This brings me to my review of the upcoming Vogue Knitting. I reserved my comments yesterday but a few of you asked so here it is. All of the stuff has it's merits. Nothing is too atricious. But the question lies in whether I would really invest the time and money into a sweater that I will be out of style by the time I finish.

The deconstruct-o sweater is one. Another is the large contrast cable sweater.

Both are decent sweaters(okay maybe not so much the destruct-o -sorry!) but would they be worth the time and effort?

I do like the Big cable v-neck and this one

We won't even go into my hatred of anything that starts with "Hobo". You might as well say "homeless" and "hobo clown" because that's what I think when I hear/read it. The designs may be good but the thought of something that is intended to look "hobo-esque" doesn't place high on my list.

As for socks...You all know how I feel about socks.

I'll probably still buy the issue.