Friday, July 14, 2006

The best package EVER!

As you can recall the only exemption to my Summer of Stash membership is that I can make purchases for pattern submissions. I've been trying to hold true to this and not use this as an excuse to keep buying.

I have two pattern ideas in the works. One for a Magknits submission and another as a personal release.

Finding the yarn for the Magknits release was easier. Want to see what I'm making? Here's a peek.

It's Cascade 220. Of course I can't tell you what it is but at least you know there's cables involved. There's going to be alot of cables this year. I had been planning to expand to cable work but now that I know it's in the Fall/Winter forecast according to I have even more things planned.

Which brings me to my other idea. I was searching and searching for the right yarn. I wanted a worsted weight and something more in the merinos and less of a pure wool. If you didn't know, I can tell you that there isn't much in the way of worsted weight merinos. I had been on quite a few of the online stores and my LYS's but wasn't finding much. As of last Friday the decision was between Rowan Cashcotton (which I love) or KnitPicks Merino Style. Both are DKs. I decided to check one more place, pureknits because I've been eyeballing the Fable baby alpaca . Then I saw it. The link to the Malabrigo. It was as if the cloud had parted and the sunlight hit directly on it. Worsted weight merino!

Ordered Saturday, shipped Monday, received Wednesday. And when I opened it let me tell you. It was like getting a gift except I paid for it.

By far the prettiest yarn shipment I've ever recieved. It was wrapped with brown and pink tissue paper (just love this color scheme) and different brown and pink grosgrain ribbons.

Also inside was a note and small samples of the Fable baby alpaca (soooo soft) and some Hipknits pure silk (I heart the silks).

(Thanks again Yahaira !)

I'm off to finish work and start my weekend with my new fibers friends. Everyone enjoy your weekend.