Friday, August 11, 2006

Best week ever!

If you've never watched the pop culture show Best Week Ever on VH1, then you should know that they discuss the weekly happenings in the news and entertainment and then decide who is having the best week ever.

Well I must say that I am having the best week ever.

Exhibit A:

One finished dress and a slew of great and funny comments. Thanks for all of the complements. Some of you had me laughin too. To answer a few of your questions: It is my own free-form design, there is no pattern forthcoming, and I won't be lining the dress. I just plan to wear a slip underneath. And just for Wanietta I will on numerous and random occasions, twirl around and strike a pose the first time I wear it.

Exhibit B:

My copyright registration for my first set of patterns. Mailed in March, and after 6 months, officially registered. It takes some time but is official from the date they received it.

Exhibit C:

The yarn for my first ever book published pattern. Yep, that's right. I'm gonna have a pattern published in a book thanks to Kerrie from MagKnits. It's a book for designs using handpainted yarn and will be published by October 2007.

So yes folks, I'm having the best week ever.

I hope all of you have the best weekend ever. See ya Monday!