Monday, August 21, 2006

A bug's life

It seems that the running theme at Knit Nite last week was bugs. Somehow, both Wednesday and Thursday, the topic of bugs have come up. Chiggers and Ticks , it's enough to freak this city girl out. Like I've told everyone else, growing up in Cleveland we had black ants, spiders, flies, mosquitos, and lightening bugs. That's it. I don't do nature so I can rarely identify and don't really want to identify any other type of bug.

It would only be fitting that this greeted me as I left my apartment Saturday morning.

In case your wondering it's a preying mantis . I only know this because of the National Geographic specials I watched as a child. So that you know (and can laugh)I screamed and it took me 15 minutes to leave without thinking it would attack me. It sat in that same spot all day , or at least until 10pm when I got home, and turned it's head everytime I opened the door.

I was tempted to add it to the baby sweater I finished this weekend.

This is the 6-12 month Pirate Sweater from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots , without the pirate. I didn't have any green yarn, otherwise there would have been a big green bug on this sweater.

New Rules -blogstyle
I want to say a couple of things about my blog etiquette.


I've been debating on a way to uniformly respond to comments. I used to just reply through email but sometimes I think others would like to hear the response too. So I've decided to start responding to comments directly in the comment section. If you ask a question or expect a response, it will most likely end up there. I'll only answer through email if it something of a personal nature.

Reader gallery - yeah or nay

Some have asked if I'll have a reader's gallery. My answer is probably not right now. That is because I'm using blogger and that would require I start a seperate blog. If I can reorganize my flickr account then I may reconsider sooner. What I will do in the meantime is post any pictures that someone sends me of a finished Saunshine design.

I have a picture that Jal sent me of her finished Calla which I plan on posting in the near future. I had to send my "new" laptop in for repairs because it was overheating, so I don't have proper photoediting software. She knit it in black and I want to alter the pic so you can really see how go it looks.