Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cables and candy

I suspect that come this spring we will all have had cable overload. Last year socks, this year it's cables. Mind you us knitter's have been doing the cables for a long time now, but since the greater fashion world has deemed them cool again, you will see them everywhere.

I picked up a copy of the NY Times this past Sunday and inside was the special Fall Fashion magazine. Imagine paying $1000+ for a cable sweater. Get your cable needles ready folks, it's gonna be a cable-intense winter.

I've been getting ready for my friend's baby shower this weekend and it hit me that I don't really know what I'm doing. I don't have any friends with babies and I haven't been to many baby showers. I've been looking up the games to play and since I'm not an overly cutesy person, the games are looking real cheesey to me. I went to buy decorations and my brain almost imploded from all the cutesy bears and babies. Uck!
Luckily the mommy-to-be isn't the cutesy type either so she won't mind that I'm keeping it light on the gushy-mushy baby stuff.

I've decided some of the decorations will be baby bottles filled with blue and white candy. Originally I wanted Jelly Belly Beans, but at $6.99/pound, I'm going with the Wilton make-your-own candy instead. Candy will be the party favors as well.

This is taking a lot more work than I thought.