Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby shower review

I'm pretty new to this baby shower thing so I was excited but nervous. Would my games be fun? Would there be enough food?

Things didn't start off great. I drove up Thursday night to avoid the rain from Hurricane Ernesto but it just followed me. Friday was a miserable day of driving around getting groceries. An umbrella was useless and it was COLD! Let me also complain about the cost of groceries in the VA/DC area. Ridiculous!

Saturday things cleared up. I bought balloons and made the decorations. I put the candies I made into cheap baby bottles and tied on balloons.

I made baked spaghetti, a deli tray, a veggie tray, and bought a cake.

The Ohio State vs Northern Illinois football game was on so her husband asked if we could make it a baby shower/football game party. Since the shower was co-ed and most of us were Buckeyes, we allowed it. We played games during commericials and half-time.
The best game was called "Guess the Baby Powders". You take ziploc bags, fill them with various white powders (baby powder, baby cereal, powdered milk,flour, sugar,pancake mix,etc) and those that guess the most right win.

It was a small but nice turn-out. There was some concern that travelers from Ohio wouldn't make it but they did. The only disappointment was that all of their family (6+ people) that RSVP'ed and live within 20minutes did not show up. The bums!

They recieved a lot of nice gifts and my friends were very thankful that I made them have a baby shower. (Oh yeah! The baby sweaters and blanket were a hit!)