Sunday, September 17, 2006

Conversation with Mamacita

Excerpt of today's conversation with Mamacita

Mamacita: Did you get your new Lion Brand catalog?
Me: Yeah, I did...
Mamacita: They did a complete turn around didn't they?
Me: They sure did. I almost passed out when I saw it.
Mamacita: It was amazing
Me: There wasn't all that fun fur. I guess they got tired of people making fun of them.
Mamacita: I've never had a problem with their yarn. I like their yarn. It was just...
Me: those patterns.
Mamacita: And did you see they even have the nerve to charge for the patterns now?
Me: I saw that too. There's actually some things I would make.
Mamacita: I like the one for the yoga mat.
Me: Yeah,I like that one too.
Mamacita: But of course they make you pay for that one.

If you haven't seen the catalog yet, trust me, it's 10x better.

Also finished my latest. I'm calling it "Vex".

Now I'm off to fold clothes. I probably haven't folded them in about a month, literally. You should see the pile.