Sunday, October 15, 2006

The business of things

For me, it's always been about designing and the finished product. When I learned to sew, my goal was to get to the end so that I could wear what I just made. Process meant nothing. As I grew in my sewing skills, my mother pointed out that I need to focus on how the inside looked, just as much as I did on the outside. The seams needed to be clean. My linings needed to be straight. While I hated to hear it, I knew she was right. In order to be professional, I needed to take the time to do everything correctly and not rush. I'm trying to apply the same concept to all things, including my knitting and business.

This weekend I broke my "anti-book buying" habit and invested in The Knitting Answer Book . While it covers some of the same things as the legendary knitting bible, it has quite a few things it doesn't, all of which will help me get better in my techniques. Plus it's size makes it easier to carry with me.

Another thing I did was stock up on office and organizational supplies.

While at my favorite LYS this weekend, I mentioned that I make and sell patterns. She asked if I ever wholesaled any of my patterns. I had never really thought about it. It got me thinking about the whole business side of things, which is not my favorite subject, but an unavoidable one. She wants me to bring in my patterns to possibly sell, which is a good opportunity, but sent my need to get organized into high gear.

To soothe my anxieties about business topics, I bought yarn. Awwww, the calming affects of new yarn. The shop owner has added a lot of new yarns to the store including Aurora 8, Malabrigo, and Cleakheaton. All of these things that I before had to order online. Now I can go into a store and see them before I buy. I walked away with some Aurora 8 for a new project and some Lang Yarns Mille Colori yarn. The Mille Colori has a striping affect similiar to Noro yarns.

I even started on something that I think will be someone's Christmas present.

If you are a member of my family, DON'T LOOK!

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