Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have been really lax about replying to comments and for that I apologize. I read them at work for a pick-me-up but don't have the time to reply and by the time I get home I'm not up for digging through my mail. I'll try to read them only when I have time to reply.

Thanks for all the nice complements on my coat. I've had the chance to wear it every day this week since the weather has been colder. I didn't think I would get any winter air to wear it in. Gotta love that global warming. It will come through every time.

Gray La Gran asked if I would model the jacket in a pic. I tried doing the old tripod self portrait but black is really horrible to photograph. I'll see what I can do this weekend when I'm out and about in the daylight.

And now for another installment of ......

Dear Saun,
I have umpteen projets on the needles and still suffer heavily from startitis despite this. Can you fix me?

Dear Nikki,

(Bet you didn't think I would use your comment for this segment but I am. Ha ha! No comment is safe in the land of Chez Saun. *insert sinister laughter here* Bwwaaahaaaa!)

I am sad to say that I may not be the best person to give you advice on this subject.
Exhibit A.....The walk of WIP shame

Rowan Butterfly
Koigu socks
Billie Jacket

All but one have been on the needles since last November.

If you suffer from ADCD (Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder) such as I do, I regret to inform you that there is no cure for you. (Well at least not until they figure out a way to grow 2-3 more pairs of hands or give humans bionic powers.) You will forever be plagued with the ability to be easily inticed by pretty new fibers, lovely colors, and fashionable patterns. I can say however, that there are ways to keep this disorder under control (and even without the use of pesky medications.)

Here are the ways I keep my ADCD under control.

1. Stay away from stores that have the word "craft, yarn, knit,art,fabric, wool,or fiber", in the name. You will see many pretty things as you read blogs but the key is not to buy. Make a list of the things you see and when you FINISH a project then you can treat yourself to the next thing on your list. This brings me to ....

2. Make a list of things you want to make. If you keep a list instead of buying things first, this will give you time to see if you really want to make the item. If after some time you still want the item, then it's meant for you to make the investment. I revise my list monthly and this has stopped me from buying a whole bunch of yarn that would now be sitting in a pile in my office.

3. Take a look at you WIP list. Do you really still want everything on it? If not, it's okay to rip it out. You can reuse the yarn for a more exciting project.

4. Destash. If you have fallen out of love with a project then set it free. You can post the item on your blog or on the destash blog. The key is to ask for a reasonable price.

I hope these tips help you.

I try to keep my WIP list under 4. That is the most manageable for me. Each WIP serves it's purpose.
-The sock is my on-the-go project. Easy to carry.
-Smores is my "other people's pattern" project. I'm not in design mode all the time.
-The Billie Jacket is my own design project.
-Butterfly is my "only at home" project. It's that one pattern that takes complete focus and can't be done in the company of others.

I'm actually doing the Butterfly pattern with Christie. She started and stopped last year and I told her when she was ready to pick it back up, I would work it with her. I knew I wanted to do it and I figured the support would be good for both of us. She's already given my a tip about the hem frill that I'm going to do.

That's it for me this week. I'm off to the VA/DC area to see my God-son, Super Bionic Baby Boy, and do a little yarn shopping with Ava and Olga. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures while I'm there.