Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's been one of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those days that just runs away from you? Well, I've had one of those weeks. Where you don't think you have that much going on until you add in travel time in the car, when you'll eat, etc. Then factor in the crazy insomnia that I have. I'm soooooo tired and tomorrow I have work, a birthday party, shopping for a gift for the party, and a volunteering event with the Girl Scouts with my company on Saturday. Ugh!

The only knitting I got done this week was a swatch I did while waiting to go to a NBA basketball game on the UNC campus. The Washington Wizards played the Charlotte Bobcats. This will probably be the highlight of my month since I won't see men this sexy for months.
If anyone knows Etan Thomas (of the Wizards) personally and he's not married, you can tell him he can find me in Raleigh. I need all of that delicious man candy in my life.

And this package is the reason I haven't ordered from KnitPicks in ages.

I order this package on October 4th. I did not received it until the 18th. I'm not sure what mule's back they put this on, but I don't know of any mailing option that takes 14 days. What's in this package is of no consequence. It took so long to get here that I don't even want it anymore. It's going back in the mail this weekend.