Monday, March 12, 2007

Good times, good times!

I had great fun this weekend!

First stop was to see my friend and god-son.

He's bionic and he even does his own stunts. He has mastered the art of beating you with his fists, grabbing your clothes, mouth, or hair with his amazing death-grip, and sliding out of his car seat. He's almost crawling and I suspect the next time I see him, he'll be walking. He already gets frustrated that he can't crawl like he wants. I assume he'll just bypass crawling and start walking. It was also good to see my friend who I suspect hasn't had much social adult interaction since the baby was born.

Saturday morning, I met up with Olga and Ava.
First we went to my favorite shop in DC, Stitch DC ,for their Daylight Savings Sale.

I bought some Karabella Vintage Cotton for a camisole, Habu tsumugi silk (My 1st Habu purchase), and some of the new Addi Turbo Lace needles. Hopefully these will improve my attitude towards lace knitting.

Next it was off to Knit Happens.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Ava because she refuses to be in pictures (Boooooo Ava Booooooo!) Hopefully next time she's soften up and take a pic.

We sat and mingled around the store for awhile. Nothing really jumped out at me at first. I wanted to get the latest Rebecca pattern book but they stopped carrying them. Instead I opted for the Rowan Studio 2 book, some Rowan Cotton Rope for a summer tank, and some Ella Rae wool and Harrisville Orchid Yarns for swatching.

We then had a late lunch and had the chance to chat about knitting and fashion. It was definitely a good time and I'm glad I got a chance to meet them.