Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quick update

Hola mis amigas y amigos!

Thanks for all of your condolences and complements on my sewing.

School is pushing along. This semester the focus is on designing jackets and pants. Now that I've got the hang of this school thing again, I'm not as stressed..... so far. I also got a little part-time job as a computer lab monitor. It will give me a chance to catch up on blog reading and I can even knit a little.

Right now I'm packing up my apartment for my move to a new apartment on Monday. Once this is done I think my opinion of NYC will be much better.

I'll be without internet for a week so I wanted to give a quick update on my latest finished project.

(The pic is sideways and a little blurry. Sorry about that.)

I finally finished the Morning Glory Shawl for Mamacita. She loves it. It was a well written pattern but this is one of those projects that require your attention to insure you don't mess up. As far as shawls go, if you willing to put in the time, this is a nice one to try. It's a nice lace that doesn't give you that homely look. I picked a lighter weight (sport/dk) yarn from Brooks Farm but if I were to make it again I'd choose a true dk weight to give it a little more weight.

And guess what I got in the mail.....

I think someone is trying to make sure I get some time to knit. I have to put it off until June since I'm in class but when I do go I'll be ready. I look forward to the uninterrupted knitting. I wouldn't even mind being on a jury. I just don't want to be on a super long case. This is NYC and they tend to have some of the longest strangest cases around.

I have to get back to packing. See ya on the flip side.