Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yarnaholics anonymous - Never!

Lu over at Maglia pointed this out. I can't join because, like a true addict, that would mean I have to make an actual effort to stop buying yarn and we all know that's not going to happen. This weekend I went to a LYS called "Shuttles,Needles, and Hooks". This is another reason I can't join YA. The little house looks like a yarn factory exploded. There is yarn everywhere. I mean everywhere! They don't carry Rowan but they carry everything else the other LYS don't carry. Lang, Katia,Regia, Knit One Crochet Too, and other stuff I've never heard off. They also have the best selection of needles I've seen. All I bought was some more Addi Turbos but that's only because I couldn't decide what I wanted to make next and which yarn to choose. There's literally too much to comprehend in one trip. Oh.... did I forget to mention that I just ordered some Lara from Elann.com.

I'll be in Columbus,OH for my sister's graduation June 10-13. Do you think I can sneak into the TNNA trade show? If anyone needs a rep to attend, I'm volunteering.

Monday, May 30, 2005


That's the sound of a busy bee, or in other words... Me. I had a little time on my hands this weekend and this is everything I did.

I finished the back of the Rebecca sweater, another One Skein Wonder, and I started my first pair of socks. I also made a cute litte purse and a pair of red chino crop pants. I know the quality of the picture isn't the greatest (it sucks!) but it's late and I'm not really in a picture taking mood. Just a "little" tired now. But I think you can see why.

I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments thus far. I wanted to upgrade to Haloscan so I lost all my old comments. But at least now my comments will let people leave their info.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

For my Secret Pal

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?

For the most part I'm a yarn snob. I do like Lion Brand but hate Fun Fur. I don't like any of the Red Heart.

2. Do you spin? Crochet?
I crochet and I don't think I'll ever get into spinning.

3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)
I am allergic to cats. Bath and Body Works sprays and lotions.

4. How long have you been knitting?
For 5 years.

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
Yup although I don't have a link from my blog

6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
I like vanilla and peach scents.

7. Do you have a sweet tooth?
Yes. I love dark chocolate

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?
If it can be made I do it. I sew, bead, embroider, and paint.

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
I like R&B, Pop, Jazz, classical. Most anything except Heavy Metal and Country

10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand?
I like warm colors; reds, oranges, pinks

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
Single with no pets

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)
I want to find a job that allows me to travel. I also want to start my own fashion design company.

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?
I love Rowan. I also like cotton blends and merino wool.

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I hate Fun Fur and I don't like Lopi Wool.

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?
I just started sock knitting

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

17. What are you knitting right now?
Summer sweaters, tanks, camis, and socks

18. What do you think about ponchos?
Down with the dreaded poncho! They used to be nice before the fashion world started mass producing them.

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

21. Are you a sock knitter?
I'm a beginner

22. How did you learn to knit?
From my mother and from books

23. How old is your oldest UFO?
A month old

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?
I don't really have one.

25. What is your favorite holiday?

26. Is there anything that you collect?
Keychains from different places

27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?

28. Any books out there you are dying to get your hands on?
The Vogue Knitting reference and the new Nicky Epstein book

Friday, May 27, 2005


I'm so happy it's Friday! Holiday weekend here I come!

Last night I had a chance to meet Nik's Knits Nik and her friend Melissa. We met up at the Caribou for a little KIP. It was a fun time. It's not often I get to KIP with other knitters so I hope to do it more often.

I don't have any pics today. I'm really looking forward to the weekend and little marathon craftiness. I'm almost finished with my One Skein Wonder shrug. I just have the ribbed edging to do. I want to finish my Rebecca sweater and also sew up some cropped pants. I wanted some from Express but I refuse to pay $50 for some pants that I can make for $8. We'll see how much I get done this weekend. I'll definitely post a pic with the final products.

Happy crafty weekend everyone! See ya next week.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Will wonders never cease !?!

I signed up for Secret Pal 5 today.

Now I’m just waiting on my confirmation. When I get that then I’ll fill out my questionaire and post it. Woo-hoo! My first SP.

Here is the "One Skein Wonder" for Miss Z. This pattern is great! It’s simple, quick, and most importantly, cute! Gotta love it. I think I’m going to make one for myself. I just can’t resist.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Knittus Interruptus

This is what happens when someone calls you wanting something.

You don't get to finish the project you just knew you were going to get done in one night. For some reason my family has crowned me the family travel agent so I spent an hour of knitting time reserving flights for my sister Bill (it's her nickname).

But anyway....this is the start of the shrug pattern from glampyre. I'm using 2 balls of Filatura Crosa's Porto Cervo in Shade 50, a nice pink shade. It will be done Tuesday since I plan on surprising my friend, Miss Z, with it Wednesday. It's just a little pick-me-up gift. She's been a little down lately. The dating scene here has us all in a funk. (Thus the reason I have been knitting so much lately and finally have time to start my blog)

I just added my "Show and Tell" area. Take a look and see what I've made lately.

I'm soooo going to love this codename thing. I give everyone nicknames in real life so it will fit right in to use them here. I even call my car "Jay Etta" and my bed "my man Serta".

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lookie..Lookie....Saun's got a cookie!!!

Despite the rainy weather Friday, I was able to visit Knit Happens in Alexandra and StitchDC in DC. Kristine's shop is nice and spacious with a great selection and everyone is super-helpful. I couldn't decide on what yarn I really wanted so I bought the new Rebecca No.29 and some Regia Tip & Top Cotton. Neither of these are available in little old Raleigh.

At StitchDC, I broke down and got the Rowan No.37 and some luxurious Rowan Cashcotton DK. I really liked the StitchDC store (Capitol Hill location). They have a outdoor patio that sits between the front and back rooms. I'm sure it's great on sunny days. They also have a great selection of non-knitting gift items for sale. Their yarn selection includes some nifty and unusual yarns including one made from silk and stainless steel.

Now for my little rant: The cost of yarn in DC is so expensive compared to NC!!! I'm sure this is the same in places like NY and CA but it was a bit of a shock to me. Now I won't complain so much about the prices at my LYS.

I'm so proud of myself. Two posts in 2 days and pictures to boot!

Friday, May 20, 2005

I hate HTML and computers...

It's a funny thought how much I dislike computers since it's what I do for a living. But that's the reason it's taking me so long to create a good setup for this thing. The idea of having to do HTML by hand makes me nauseaus. And after 8-9 hours sitting in front of a computer the last thing I wanted to do is come home and do more work.

And does it even really matter when no one even knows I have a blog yet anyway. I debated going with typepad but I really don't want to pay when I know I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to certain things. I figure if I can do this for a good six months then I can upgrade.

One day I'll have some pictures (Have to find a hosting spot ) and all the other nifty designs. Maybe I'll do that next weekend. But this weekend I'm headed to DC and while I'm there, I'm going visit Knit Happens in Alexandria. Hopefully I can show a little self-restraint. (Ha...that's a laugh)