Sunday, February 01, 2009

Free pattern fix and other stuff

Hey folks!

I'm finally getting my act together with the free patterns. I finally caved and paid for some server space. The free patterns are now available directly from this site. No more hassle (crosses finger, toes, and eyes after saying that.)

I'm still working getting the cabled sweater pattern published. I had every intention of doing it over my break but was sidetracked by work, interning, inauguration excitement, and fact that the school gave us a major project to do during out winter break. Not cool but it had to be done.

For fourth semester we have to design a collection of designs based on Gianni Versace's style. A critic from the industry comes in and picks the one design they like best from each student. We then make it for a juried show. My class' critic is going to be Daniel V from the second season of Project Runway.

I realized I don't post as much because I haven't been taking many pictures. What's a blog post without pics? I've been working on small projects lately. Handwarmers, neckwarmers, scarves, etc. Nothing to major.

Here is a sweater vest I started last night. On the side is some Cotton Bamboo from Lion Brand. I had a chance to go to the Lion Brand Studio in Manhattan. I was pleasantly surprised by the space and the selection. They have also developed their own 'higher' end line of "Collection" yarns. A first glance they look nice although I can't speak to their long term quality. I'lll keep you updated on how the Cotton Bamboo works up.