Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Dress & My Audrey Phase

The Dress

Thanks for weighing in on the points direction. I realized why the fit wasn't working out the way I thought it should. I was wearing it lower than I originally intended. The point of the top yellow stripe is supposed to meet my belly button and I was trying it on a lot lower than that. That's why it was too tight and hugging everything wrong.

I'm still going to make a seperate sash and sew it on. I think the construction of the dress needs to be better defined at the waist.

I'm taking a break on this for a week or so. I have other things to want to do first.


In addition to my love of the fashionable 50's in Imitation of Life, I am also going through my Audrey Hepburn phase. Thanks to Netflix I am making my way through all of her movies. Roman Holiday, How To Steal A Million, Breakfast at Tiffanys. Lovin' it!
The fashion is classic and elegant.

This is partially the reason for my new skirt phase. I used to be a fanatic for a good pair of shorts but nowadays it's hard to find a flattering pair. Some are just to short to be appropriate and I don't like the look of long shorts/culottes/madras, so I'm all about the skirts. If you're interested I used McCall's M5053 for the skirt with the yoke and McCalls' 4306 for the A-line floral skirt. Both are really easy but the latter gets my vote for best/easiest/quickest/yet stylish skirt pattern ever. 4 seams and a zipper. I was done in an hour. I have two more to make this weekend.

Dear Audrey is also the reason I had to buy this....

This is the Cherry Pattern from Ms. Bell. I loved it the minute I saw it. Then to push me over the edge she describes it with reference to Audrey Hepburn.

I bought some Jaeger Trinity yarn to make this project but it may be that I've hit a snag. When I first got the pattern it said I needed 6 balls at 109 yds each = 654 yds. I bought last 3 balls of Trinity in this color. 3 * 215 = 645. Perfect! Then there was an update to the pattern that says I'll need 7 balls @109 yds. That 763 yds and the LYS doesn't have any more of it. So the question is, do I (1)return the 2 balls I haven't used and order a whole new color or do I (2) just order the extra ball from somewhere with a different dyelot and use it on the button band and collar, or (3) just keep going and hope that I have enough and then order the extra ball if I need it?

This was my last official purchase before the start of the Summer of Stash so I really don't want to return it and have to buy something else. It feels like cheating. (Wow! See how good I'm being. Resisting temptation and everything.)

I also allowed myself this purchase because I've done away with my Design Challenge #2 with the green yarn. More on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Creativity abounds

This weekend I :

made an apple pie. It's my first. I've been having memories of my G-ma making apple pies so I decided to try it. Yumm.

made two skirts

bought some beads to make necklaces (Can you see the theme?)

and joined the Summer of Stash.

Guilt has taken over and I can't do it anymore. Gluttony is definitely one of the seven deadly sins and I must do away with this. I must reduce the stash. I can't justify another purchase until I do. Okay maybe just one but I'll get to that tomorrow.

The Summer of Stash begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. (Those are two U.S. holidays for all of you international folk). During those days you take a pledge to not make any yarn purhcases. You are allowed 2 exceptions,so my exceptions are that I am allowed to buy new yarn only for pattern submission projects and if I need some to finish a project. With my stash I highly doubt that will be necessary.

Since this is a long post I'll save pictures of The Dress until tomorrow. I will give you a hint though. Points down!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Winners Are....

The names were picked at random old school style. Strips of paper drawn from a bag. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that entered.

Prize 1 - E to M of Knit Knerds

Prize 2 - Sarah of Not A Yarn Snob

Prize 3 - Empress of Royal Empress

Winners will be contact via email for address info.

For all you U.S. folks have a great Memorial day weekend. I'll be back Tuesday with updates and a better picture of the dress. (It took 2 days to dry.)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Progress: The Dress

Here it is

I have finished the skirt part of the "The Dress". Right now we're having a love-hate relationship. I want the dress but I'm not loving all the endless striping. There will be a lot of ends to weave in.

While working this I was trying to decide what do to with the waist part of the dress. Should I work with those "points" or do away with them. After considering short rows and the directions of the stripes, I have decided that I'm going to just make a standard sash. That means the sash will have to machine sewn on and then cut off the points.

Now I'm going to show you the mini-problem I discovered while trying it on today. (Take in mind that these pics are pre-block and the fit is a bit crazy looking)
When I made my calculations, I was sure that the skirt was wide enough for my hips such that it wouldn't be too tight. I tried it on as I originally intended to wear it and this is what I saw.

Technically, it is the right size. What I didn't count on was how the chevron would pull in the fabric despite it being the right width. It makes the fabric hug my hips more than I like.

But then I shifted it a bit and discovered this.

No pulling and a better drape at the hips. When the chevron decreases are on the side it is pulling the fabric towards the hips and makes it hug less. The only downside is that the "V" would have to point up instead of down to the floor.

The skirt is drying now and I plan to try it on again to see if the fit changes. Then I'll make the final decision about the direction of the skirt. What do you think? Point up or point down?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I just wanted to put up a quick post and share my dastardly laugh with you. Bwwaaahhhaaaaa! Genius, I say, pure genius! Offer a few prizes and the lurkers come out of the woodwork. Look at the number of comments. Genius! It's fun to read all of your comments. If you haven't already, go ahead and enter your name. There's still time.

I've come to a decision about my WIPs. After Christina mentioned by Scatter tank, I've realized that my ADCD (Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder) is getting out of control again. I want so many things but my hands can only work so fast. I put down the Scatter tank but have yet to pick it back up. It's starting to bother me that I am working on so many things but nothing is getting finished so I have decided that I'm going to have to pass on Project Spectrum for June (blues not really my color anyway) and finish up some things. I need to finish Urban Aran (since they are starting to crank up the AC at work), The Dress, the Scatter Tank in Berroco Touche yarn, and my "Leafy Greens" design challenge. That's 4 things to keep me busy. I'm also working on another little ditty out of Calmer but I don't want to reveal it until I have the details worked out. So actually that's 5 things. Yikes! That's a lot.

I'm almost done with the skirt part of the dress so I may have a progress pic tomorrow. Here's hoping!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The People's Blogiversary

Can you SMEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL what The Saun is cooking!

Aww, yes. It is time for The People's Blogiversary *. What is that you ask? Well, I'm gonna tell you.

As the one-year anniversary of Saunshine approached I reflected on where I started and where I am now. I realized that this thing is less about me and more about everyone who reads it. My love and dedication to all things technological can fade at times and when I started I never thought I would make it through a whole year. It is only because of you that read and put up with my nonsensical rantings, that I have made it this far. So this, my friends, is for you. My way of thanking all of you for reading and giving your encouraging words as I endeavor to turn a hobby and a dream into a reality.

The People's Blogiversary is a celebration chocked full of prizes.

The first is my gift to all.

The Waves Pattern

You can scoop up this one from the sidebar. See the pattern for details.

The next thing is a drawing for three prizes. Here are the rules.

1. The drawing is open to all, even all you lurkers out there. (He,he,he, I'll get you my little pretties. I've found a way to get you to leave a comment. Bwwwaahahaaa!).
2. I expect that the prizes that are received are never resold.
3. There are three different prizes. You can choose to enter for 1,2, or all 3, but you can only win once. Please do not enter if you do not really want the item or already own it.
4. Leave a comment (with an email address)with the drawings you choose to enter (eg. "All 3" ,"1&3", etc.). Please do not email me. This will help me keep this organized.
5. You have until Thursday, May 25 at 11:59 pm EST. The drawing will take place Friday.

Drawing #1 - Purplelicious Goodies

3 skeins Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Lilac Haze and
2 skeins of Claudia Hanpainted Sock Yarn in Plumicious

Drawing #2 - A Onesie

One Skein by Leigh Radford
1 skein Rowan Handknit Cotton in Red

Drawing #3 - Winner's Choice

A $25 gift certificate to

Now click on the comments section and enter. Thanks again everyone!

*Inspired by the People's Champ, The People's Elbow, and The People's Eyebrow.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Stay tuned....

Coming Monday.... "The People's Blogiversary".

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quiet Time

It's been quiet around this here blog. That's due in part to the many season finales on the television this week. Did you see Grey's Anatomy! That Izzy and Denny! Woooo! With all that emotion there was no way I could knit through that. It was fabulous! Then there was the Prison Break finale and you all know I luvs me some Wentworth. No knitting through that either. I got a brief reprieve last night so I spend a little time on Urban Aran and finished the back piece.

Those finales are the reason that the Waves pattern still hasn't been typed up. It should be here by the weekend but that depends on how I feel after tonight's America's Next Top Model finale. If I'm not on the phone discussing the finale then I might type it up tonight and proof it tomorrow.

Saturday I had a chance to head out to the fabric store in search of some material for skirts. The objective is to expand my wardrobe with some Project Spectrum inspiration. I don't have much green so I hoped to find some. Right now I'm really inspired by this big skirt craze. Have you ever seen Imitation of Life . It's by far one of my favorite movies because of the clothing. It was filmed in the late 50's when clothes were glamorous. I could never dress like that now for fear of looking like I'm in a costume but the big skirts may be the closest I get.

Unfortunately the JoAnn's near me didn't have much in the way of green. This was all I found. The green/blue material will be my Project Spectrum cross-over project, May and June.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Yarn Alert & Announcement

Yarn alert ! Yarn alert! Yarn alert!

For all those wanting to try the Lasso pattern, Elann will be putting Berroco Suede yarn on sale at 9 am Pacific (Noon Eastern) today for $4.98 a ball.


I have decided in celebration of my 1 year blogiversary, I will publish the Waves tube top as a freebie sometime this week. It's my way of showing appreciation to all the great people I have met over this past year in the blogosphere.

I hope everyone had a weekend and all the mothers had a great Mother's Day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

At least it's not a tank

As I traveled to Maryland, I struggled with what project I should take with me. I knew I wouldn't have the right concentration for Urban Aran and I wanted to take a break from the size 3's for "The Dress". So, what to take?

Well, last year while in DC I bought a few balls of Calmer from Stitch DC . I just wanted to try it and thought I might make a scarf. But then the yarn just sat in stash. When I came across it during stash organization I decided to give myself a design challenge. The requirements of my challenge were:

1. To make something using the 3 balls of Calmer that I had and wouldn't require that I buy anymore.
2. Didn't have any ribbing.
3. Wasn't a tank top.

My idea was a tube top. I was inspired by the fact that I had just discovered the joys of a good strapless bra and tube tops the previous summer. The first idea involved ribbon and buttons but I reduced the idea down to this.

Buttons but no ribbon. Since I didn't want ribbing to hold it up I had 2 choices. The first was to make a folded hem and encase some elastic or make a band with a button closure. I decided on the band because it was more decorative then a plain folded hem.

Since I knew this was mostly stockinette in the round, it made for a good travel project. I finished it yesterday. The hem went through several revisions. The first being a simple bind off that rolled. Then a folded hem which puckered and rolled. Finally I settled on a switch to a needle that was 2 sizes larger for 2 rounds and then a bind-off. This helped stop it from rolling. These pics are pre-blocking so I hope to have better ones after it dries.

I like giving myself design challenges. The next one will involve this.

It's Red Heart Lustre Sheen (which I think has been discountinued). Perfect for Project Spectrum.I'm realizing that none of my summer knits are really work-appropriate so my next challenge is to keep this one summery but work appropriate, which means no lace. And I want embossed leaves on it. I'm intrigued with doing a leaf pattern on something and since this is green, it should work out perfectly.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MDSW Recap: The Score

You know what's funny? All the people who have started posts this week with "Well if your tired of MDSW posts then don't worry cause I didn't go" or something snarky like that. People can write about pet issues, boyfriend problems, global warming, and other depressing stuff but a couple of posts on all the fun of MDSW and people get irritated. Ha ha ha! Now that's funny.

Well I have one more MDSW related post so here is your warning to click away now. But before you do, repeat after me. " Hi. My name is -insert your name here-, and I am a hater!"

Okay, now here's the deal. Mamacita and I got up at the crack of dawn (7am) to head out to the fairgrounds. We left at 8am but it was closer than we thought so when we approached at 8:25 we thought we were early. That was until we say that over 100 cars were already in the lot.

The first thing I wanted was some Chocolate Soap from Simpler Thyme. Score! I read about this last year on all the blogs and so I made sure to head there first.

Then I saw the Koigu booth. I only knew this by the ton of ravenously rude women hovering around the booth. It was really unbecoming. We all know I'm not the biggest Koigu fan so I came back a few hours later when there was little left. I thought I was going to get a deal so I decided to partake. She said it was 12 cents a gram. I grabbed a few mill ends. ( I was really expecting real skeins but they only do mill ends at this thing.) She rang it up and said $46 dollars. I guess the crazy ladies before me paid what ever she said but I looked at her and said "Naw, I need to take some of that out of that bag". She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. It went down to $25. I gave most of it to Mamacita (enough for footies) with the stipulation that she make something for herself. She's always giving her knits away.

Socks That Rock from The Fold. I read Cara's rave reviews but never bought any because I'd never seen it in person. I found two colorways that I like. I think 15 minutes after I bought mine, it was all gone. That was at 10:30am. Ravenous I say, ravenous!

Brooks Farm was next on my list. It was slightly disappointing because I came ready to buy,buy,buy, but everything that appealed to me was red or pink and I have way too much of that. I did snag this Limited Edition silk blend. It's a nice cherry-chocolate color.

Morehouse Merino was disappointing to. I really wanted some merino but it was mostly laceweight or in these kid-like variegated colors.

Shelridge Farms didn't have enough of the dye-lot of Tangerine Wool Cotton I wanted so I placed an order online. It should be here next week.

Davidson Corp Yarns was the biggest score of all. I bought some of this yarn when I first started knitting in Minnesota but didn't buy enough to make a good sweater. I've never seen the yarn since until now.(I didn't think to look for a website) The dyelots don't match but I don't care. I'm excited I can finally use this yarn.

Before I go, here is the mandatory cute animal shot. Angora goats. Sheep were common. Goats, not so much.

Monday, May 08, 2006

MDSW Recap: The Scene

MDSW was a true experience.... a slightly weird, anxiety-filled but cool experience. Saturday morning I awoke ready to meet all of my virtual friends and then it hit me. The questions. What is her real name? How do I pronounce her name? What does she look like? I've never seen her picture.

Despite all the questions I was still excited. After Mamacita and I awoke from our nap in the car we headed to the meetup (Yeah ladies, if I seemed a little resigned when you met me it's because I'd just woke up. That sun was a killer.) This is what I saw when I got there.

More people than I imagined. So I stood still and took it all in and the first person I recognized was Lauren , who I must say is everything you imagine she is and more. She's real cool.

That's Every Word's A Purl Carrie next to Lauren. She decided at the last minute to ride down with Julsey. We giggled like little school girls when we met. Carrie had to run off to find a friend so we only met for a few minutes but I'm glad we did.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

Here is Zarah and Shelby (my SP6 pal) . Shelby was the person that I really worried about not finding because I realized I had never seen her picture. Luckily she found me. These 2 ladies were fun to chat with. That's Pinky Acrylique off to the side. This was my first chance to meet her even though we live in the same area. She and Gray La Gran rode up together. They had some great yarn purchases.

Here is Eunny and Stephanie . Stephanie was wearing her beautiful Butterfly cami but when I snapped this pic she was modeling Eunny's latest design.

I also met Mama-E , NanC , and Jo and Coleen. No pics though. I'm sure I'm missing a few folks so if I missed your name I apologize.

Tomorrow I'll recap the rest of my MDSW experience and my purchases. (Can you say Socks That Rock!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ready for the sheep

I have this little song. It consists of only 3 words. "Sheep and Wool". I chant the words real fast twice and then in a high voice, pronounciate the 3 words like an opera singer.

I'm not sure why but I'm excited and fearful about my first jaunt to Maryland Sheep & Wool. I'm fearful that I won't find anything to buy or what I want they won't have because it will be gone before I get there. I have this vision of ravenous knitters fighting over yarn like the infamous wedding dress sale at Filene's.I'm excited that I'm going to be meet fellow bloggers. I'm real excited about that. I need to get mentally prepared. I already know I'm going to be naming people my their blog and I apologize in advance. Even though I know her name is Lauren, I know I'm going to call her "Lolly". Mamacita is flying in Friday, so we should be there bright and early Saturday. I bought a new smaller camera just in time for the weekend so I should have no problem taking pictures to show on Monday.

I've started the Urban Aran Cardigan. This is the back piece. Jackie, a fellow SnB'er, is getting a kick out of me making this. She jokes about me using bamboo needles and wool since I prefer cotton and plastic needles.. Bamboo needles and wool are never high on my list but this thing is so undeniable that I have to do it.

Monday, May 01, 2006


It's one of those days where I had a lot to say but my mind is so busy that I can't form a coherent sentence. So today I'll give pics without much chatter. Maybe I'll be thinking clearer tomorrow.

Little people clothing, just waiting on some buttons.

"The Dress". The middle point is coming to my knee. It's fitting a little tighter than I want but of course I'm not ripping back. I'm lazy like that.

Yee-haw Cowgirls!

It's Lasso.

Another Magknits pattern for ya.