Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Needlecase tutorial

Here are the instructions for making a needle case. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Supplies needed

1 1/4 (1.25) yards of fabric *
2/3 (.667) yds Peltex interfacing.
1 yd ribbon
1 dressmaker pencil or tailors chalk for dark fabric
straight pins

Final measurements approx. 15 in x 7 in folded.

* I suggest sturdy home decor fabrics. JoAnn's has colorful canvas-like fabrics which I use. They average $6.99/yd.

Cut two pieces of material. One piece 28 inches long. The other 6 inches. Cut each piece in half along the fold line.

Take a larger piece and fold to create a 6 inch pouch. The final length of the piece should be around 16 inches long after folding. Pin in place and iron flat.

On the back of the material, using your pencil, draw a straight line at 7.5 and 14.5 inches along the pouch. These will approximate your fold lines. In between these lines draw lines every 2, 1, or .75 inches. This depends on your needle sizes. 2 inch for large needles and dpns, 1 inch for medium, .75 inch for small.

Sew along the drawn lines to create the needle sections.

Take other large piece of material and cut it to match the size of the sectioned piece.

Now with the strip that you just cut off, fold it in half along the length. Measure 4.5 inches from fold to edge and then trim off excess from the open edges.

Take one of the smaller pieces cut earlier and match up edges to create another pouch. Pin in place.

Mark at 7.5 & 14.5 inches and sew across lines drawn. You will have three sections.

Lay other small piece across the the sectioned piece so only wrong sides show.

Fold the fabric in half and cut through all layers to round out the edges.

Unfold and sew along the edge, trim seams, and turn inside out. Iron.

Place the smaller sectioned piece, sectioned side down along the top of larger sectioned piece. Pin in place.

Cut the ribbon in half and pin a piece in place on the edge.

Place the other large section over the sectioned pieces, right sides facing. Place Peltex on top and pin all pieces in place.

Sew edges with a .5 in seam allowance, making sure not to sew all the way around. Leave a hole about 7 in long. You will use this to turn the material inside out. Trim the seams making sure to clip the corners. Turn inside and iron.

Edge stitch around entire needlecase making sure to stitch close the 7 inch hole. Fold the case in thirds and iron. Stitch down the fold lines as closely as possible to one of the section lines.

With case folded, place the other piece of ribbon and sew in place.