Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knitting Limbo

I've discovered that the true challenge to this whole Knitting Olympics thing is to resist the urge to cast-on early. With the recent demise of my past projects there was really nothing to sustain me until Friday's Casting-On Ceremony. I could just finish my sock but it's not really doing it for me. I've cast-on and ripped out about 3 things already. This is just a weird place to be. I have a project to start but can't start it. UUUgggghhhh (I'm channeling Charlie Brown here)

La suggests "likker" and chocolate. Since "likker" gives me hives I've resorted to stalking out Whole Foods for bars of organic dark chocolate. HMMMMMMMMM chocolate... lovely I love thee...oops.. I forgot where I was for a moment there. Sorry bout that.

I've also distracted myself with a whole lot of TV. It seems that all of the ladies at SnB last night are obsessed with Grey's Anatomy so I'll get caught up tonight when they rebroadcast Sunday's episode. We plan to knit and discuss it next Wednesday.

So how are you keeping yourself busy until the start of the KO?