Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cuervo & Cardigans


The birthday party I went to Friday was interesting. Very interesting. Let's just say that Jose Cuervo was invited to the party and every bad drinking story I've ever heard starts with Jose's name in the first few sentences. That's why I have a few rules when it comes to drinking....

1. Know your limits
2. Jose is not your friend.

Stick with these and you'll never go wrong.

I had the pleasure of going straight home in a sober state after 1 or 2 beers but I can't say that everyone else was as lucky.


I've decided that I want to make a cardigan out of my Rowan Yorkshire Tweed and I don't want to design a thing. I just want to knit. The few things I'm working on right now are for others and I need something for me that doesn't take a lot of forethought and planning.

I poured over all my magazines and books, looking for the perfect pattern. There weren't' many that fit the bill or didn't have to be altered. I finally settled on this one.

It's a Kim Zimmerman cardigan from the Winter 05/06 Vogue Knitting. I'm going to lenghten it but I'm glad I found something that I like.