Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Focus on the good things

While the news media likes to dwell on tragedy, I try not to. You should definitely be mindful/respectful of the loss and learn from it. I just don't think people should focus on trying to understand it. Here is my rationale: Only crazy people understand crazy and unless you are crazy you will NEVER understand it, so don't even try.

So with that, I'm going to focus on the good things....

.. like the fact that an old college friend found my blog and left me a smart a$$ message. He wanted me to remove it but I'm not going to. It made me laugh. It reminded me of the good times we all used to have. We were a sarcastic bunch with lots of jokes. Awwww.....the good old days.

... like the nice african violet plant that Liz gave me at knit night Thursday. It's in a special orchid pot, which I would have never known to get. Hopefully I can keep this plant alive. My last plant "Daisy" lasted 6 months. I'm hoping this one will last for years.

... like the nice time I had at the Temples and Tombs Egyptian Art exhibit I saw Friday. A friend invited me to attend the festival the NC Art Museum was having for the opening of the exhibit. There were vendors, music, and dancing. The greatest part was that everyone was able to see the exhibit for free. As a souvenir, I got my name in printed in heiroglyphics.

... like the fact that I got these two fortunes with my Chinese food Friday night.

... like the fact that my Habu tunic is coming along nicely.

So focus on the good things going on in your life, because you are lucky enough to have one to live.