Thursday, April 12, 2007


So as it turns out that nasty bit of food poisoning I thought I had a few weeks ago wasn't food poisoning after all. After 3 weeks and 2 trips to the doctor's office (I really hate giving them my money), it seems that my illness was due to a bug bite. After a week my symptoms had not gone away which I thought was weird for food poisoning. Plus I had this weird all-over itch that is similar to an allergic reaction. Doctor #1 couldn't piece that symptom together with my other symptoms and told me that things should just resolve themselves. (Did I really need to pay for this useless opinion?)

After another week, the nausea was gone but the weird itch persisted. Then I noticed this painful bump on my ankle that hurt when I walk or touched it. I was literally limping. Doctor #2 looked at the bump and my previous blood work and deduced it was all the result of some vicious bug. I'm not sure what bug it was since it happened 3 weeks ago but this reaffirms my notion that I don't like nature.

This is the scene of the vicious attack on my life. I was attempting to get a little more exercise in my life and go walking on a local trail. I'm not too sure I'll be going back.

Now onto a different "bug". This is the current state of the Butterfly cami. Not much has been done. Earlier today I had the idea to frog it and give up, but here is the thing. I want the cami, I just don't really want to make it. I want it to appear out of nowhere all finished and ready to wear.

Since I don't have magical powers I guess I should get knittin'.