Friday, May 18, 2007

I couldn't finish it.

I'm going to attempt to give a quick review of the book The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. The reason it is going to be brief is because I couldn't finish the book.

As far as books go, it was a well-written book. It's about a woman named Mary who is grieving the loss of her child and how she uses knitting as a tool to cope with the loss. In many ways this is Ann Hood's story, as she lost a child in a similar way. Through her time knitting she is able to meet several woman, hear their stories, and use all of this to tell her story. The book is well-written and Ann Hood is a great storyteller. She is capable of making the stories of each woman interesting, as well as making the concept of knitting seem like an additional character in the book. I would suggest this book to other people.

Now I will say this and want it to be understood before I say it, that this is due to personal preference and not the author's writing. I didn't finish the book because I didn't want to. I knew I didn't want to finish it after the 2nd chapter but I pressed on through the 10th chapter before I stopped. I'm primarily a reader of mysteries and some general fiction. The deep look at a woman that is struggling with her grief is not what I personally consider a leisurely read. It was a continuous journey of sadness and depression. I understand it but I use books as a way to escape and this was not a place I wanted to escape to. I'm the same way with movies, television, and blogs. Like I said, Ann Hood is a great writer and I could probably read her other books, but this particular story just wasn't for me.