Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just peeking in

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Did all you mothers have a great Mother's Day? I sure hope so.

It's been busy here at Chez Saun. Big things are happening here and I wish I could tell you everything but alas, it will have to wait a little while. It's going to keep me really busy for the next few weeks and my posts may be sporadic.

I hope to have a review up of "The Knitting Circle" by Thursday. I just have to finish the book by tomorrow so I can return it to the library. I only have 260 more pages to go. Guess what I'll be doing tonight?

Before I go, I'll give you a peek of what was waiting in my mailbox on Saturday.

It's mine and it's in the new Knit.1 Summer 2007 issue.

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