Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It only took forever

I'm not quite sure why, but these socks took me forever to finish. I started them in October.
It would only be fitting that I finish them in May when the temps are too high to wear socks.

I'm not sure how long my next set of socks will take but this is what I'm using. It's the Socks That Rock in Stonewash that I bought at last years MDSW. Since I couldn't go this year, I figured breaking into the yarn I bought last year would only be fitting. Would you know that I have not touched any of the yarn that I bought last year. Yes, it's sad, but that also tells you reason I didn't go this year. I don't need any new yarn.

I can tell you one thing that didn't take me that long to finish......" corazón azul".

I finished the body on Sunday and the sleeves Monday. I must say that I really do like the KnitPicks Shine yarn that I used for this project. It's a nice cotton/modal blend that is soft. Much better than a pure cotton. It looks like it will develop a slight halo after a few washings but I think that's typical of cotton/cotton blends.

Now I need to get back to my Habu tunic. I got a little frustrated with it. I was tired of the straight stockinette and tried to add a lace motif, but that turned into disaster. Ever time I saw it, it made me think of a dress for a 3-yr old. Even though it's boring, I'm going to stick to the stockinette. Sometimes, simplest is best. Hopefully I'll have it done by Friday so I can show you what it looks like.