Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A good weekend

My trip to Stitches East was fun and interesting. The class I took on how to design knitwear on the computer was fun and I had a chance to meet some nice women. Ginger Luters was the instructor. The first part of the class covered the different software available and then went more in depth into the Cochenille Garment Designer. The second half covered their Stitch Painter program. Garment Designer is a good program for those that want to design clothing for either sewing or knitting. I figured this one is a good investment. Stitch Painter is good for designing fair-isle knitting and beading. It did not have anything for designing cable work which I considered a big disappointment.

I also got a chance to see some bloggers while I was there. I met some new people an d saw some familar faces that I met at MD Sheep and Wool. Hi Ladies! (Lauren has the rundown of who all was there, so check out her post about Stitches).

Everyone was amazed with my self-control when it came to spending. After two hours in the market, I had not bought a thing. I knew I was going to buy the designing software so that helped curb my appetite. I did, however, buy some Brooks Farm limited edition Acero yarn. It's superwash wool/silk blend that I plan to use for a wrap.

This is how much of my "candy stripe" sweater I got done over the course of the weekend. Mindless stockinette is a great way to keep your hands busy.

I also saw the "Super Bionic Baby" (that's his new name). I don't have any pictures ( I know ...bad Godmother) but I'll hopefully post some when his father, "Mr. Annoying Camera Man", sends me some of the 10,000 pictures he took. Super Bionic Baby does all the normal things like cry loudly, poop, and sleep but at 3 weeks old, he has grown 2+ inches, is too big for his 0-3 month sleeper sets, can take off his mittens, pull out his pacifer, and roll over. By next month he should be up walking around and answering the phone when I call.