Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How is it......?

How is it that I pay for subscriptions to very high fashion magazines, (W and Vogue), and the free gift is the most unsavory plastic wristlet and lizard pouch thingies I've ever seen.

A high fashion magazine should know better.

Here's a look at my main project for this weekend.

It's a shawl for Mamacita's craft show. I started this Saturday and then took a big break to watch the Ohio State-Michigan game Saturday. Go OHIO STATE!. I had the pleasure of being the only Ohio St. alum in a room with 3 men for Michigan. It was a great feeling. We talked smack the entire game and I had fun doing my little dance at the end of the game when we won. (BAAALLLIINNNN!)

I also learned how to play poker and then went to see Casino Royale. It was a good movie but I prefer Sean Connery or Pierce Bronson as James Bond.