Sunday, November 12, 2006

weighty issues

I apologize for all the quiet around here. It's been a busy busy week. Lots of projects on my plate that were due. But they are all done now. The hectic nature of it all got me to thinking. My knitting plate was a little full. I have two sweaters started, 1.5 socks for G-ma's Christmas present, and now some projects for my mother's craft fair Thanksgiving weekend. So I've made a major decision that was weighing on my mind. No one (other than G-ma) is getting a hand-made gift from me. Christmas knitting is stressful.

The picture above is of my newest toy...a digital scale. When trying to gauge how much yarn I have left the best way is to weigh it. I did have a cheap-o scale but it was not accurate at all. This new one is a dream and thanks to a 20% off coupon from Bed,Bath, and Beyond, it's all mine.

Another issue that I'm debating is my magazine subscriptions. I recently subscribed to Vogue and W magazine. Vogue Knitting is in and Interweave Knits is out. As nice as it is, most of the items are not my style. Granted the subscription is only $21, but that's just more clutter in my house. I'm still debating getting a subscription to InStyle. What are your favorite magazines to read? Any good ones that you might suggest?