Saturday, November 25, 2006 I lied....

...Well I didn't lie so much as circumstances changed. I had no intention of getting up at the crack of dawn to partake of the crazy sale madness. That was until I started sorting my old mail and came across a coupon.

It seems that the LYS was having a sale. 30% off all yarn (except Noro Silk Garden) from 7-10am. The shop is about 7 mins from my place. How could I resist? When I arrived at 6:55, there were already 2 cars there and about 8 or so women when I left at 7:30.

I didn't get much. All I wanted was some Malabrigo to make Nikki's Smores pattern. I wanted to make this in either black or red so this coloway, Amoroso, was a good one. It is a mix of dark and light reds with a hint of pink. No black but the darkness I want is there.

I also made my way over to JoAnn's to see if they had any wool. Let me just say that Micro Fleece is the devil. 100+ colors and patterns of microfleece but absolutely no wool. That is pure evil. I think I may drive down to Mary Jo's for a little fabric excursion next weekend.